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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
There is not a complex electrical circuit here. There are magnets passing a coil. The wires from the coil go to a load. Exactly what would you have me change or calculate to reduce the heat according to what you understand about Flynn's work? Because I have read most everything about Flynn that I could find over the years. What is it you have to share that will reduce the heat in my core? Don't show me a video of someone else's build. Tell me what YOU know based on what you have done and what you see that works. Any and all help will be appreciated. I will try it on my bench. When I see it working, THEN I will believe it exists. It is possible Flynn's motor DID run cold, and yes, motors and generators are basically the same thing. But how does that apply to what I have built? What do you mean by "Follow Ohms law for a complete chain"? And where do I find a discussion of THAT in anything related to Flynn?What is it you believe I need to do or change according to what you know? I am the world's biggest skeptic, despite what some people might think. Not trying to be rude. Thats just the way I look at things. Too many fakes and frauds out there and people who claim to know something but all they have done is watch someone else's fake video and drink the kool aide. They have never built anything themselves and all they do is talk, talk, talk because of what they have seen in a video and believe. Not what they have run on the bench and put a meter on.

My biggest wish is that NOBODY would show a video of someone else's work until they have built it, tested it, and know it to be true. It would eliminate people bringing to this forum 99.999% of the videos on free energy that exist on YouTube. Pleas understand I am not saying this video is meaningless, I'm just saying I cdon't understand how it applies and what YOU believe I need to change. Please explain. (Also, I love to rant and rave. Gets me worked up and then I actually DO something with my life instead of sit and watch movies. And I used to own a video store, so I have THOUSANDS of them yet to watch)
Flynn used bifilar windings * and unclosed cores. Place the dielectric between the magnet and the core. The eddy currents will not be able to stand in a ring.
In the conductor of the wire, do not allow the excess current according to the standards for cross-section and frequency. In the bifilar of Flynn, the current never changes its direction. Actually, I am not a homemade man, I am a researcher. If you think that the use of steam winding in a wonder, Flynn is not the first, the first were German engineers. It was from there that these developments reached the Soviet Union and the USA.

An example of the use of a bifilar winding (two wires for multidirectional inclusions on one core). I hope that the translation is not needed, you know how to read the electrical circuit.
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