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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I just explained “Why the heat.” I was very specific. It is not the wire that is causing the heat. It is the CORE material that is heating up. Magnets going by the CORE are CONSTANTLY rearranging particles within the core. Those moving particles cause the core to heat up. That heats up the wire and melts off the insulation. It is the CORE that has to be cooled, as I have explained several times now. Maybe ferrite won’t heat up as much, but it probably won’t produce as much power either. Maybe metglass will work. I have both to try. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Water bottles on the core works to dissipate the heat. Sometimes I wonder if you even read what I post.
in order that there is no excess heat, the correct calculation of the electrical circuit is necessary. and exclude forced counter currents, both electric and magnetic.
This "bourgeois" will not please, so the size will increase.

In this experiment, the motor designed by Flynn remained cold. According to this technology and the generator will also be cold. if you follow Ohm’s law for a complete chain.
What can you say according to the listed conditions.
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