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I think you are confusing the motor with the generator, and you keep talking about heat issues in motors.

The MOTOR for my setup is the MY1020 Razor scooter motor running on 24 volts at around 12 amps. This is a motor rated for 30 amps, so running it at less than 50% of what it is rated for is no big deal. It is BUILT to run on higher amps and is no problem. It is OVER the "100 watts" you mentioned, but it is DESIGNED to run at over 100 watts, so your "limit" of 100 watts DOESN'T APPLY. It doesn't overheat, so we do NOT need to worry about the motor. There is NO HEAT ISSUE with the motor. Forget about motor.

The GENERATOR is a separate issue, and cooling fins on the motor aren't going to address what is going on with the generator. The heat issue in the generator is with the iron CORES in the coils. The constant changing from north to south when the magnet passes, causes changing magnetic flux and creates HEAT in the iron core. This heat melts the coil wires wrapped around that core, and now your generating coil is slag. Heat sinks are a possible solution, a water jacket is an easy fix, ferrite cores may be a solution. But "fins" on the rotor, which is the ONLY moving part in the generator, are NOT going to reduce heat in the iron cores by much, if ANY, since the entire iron core is encased in the plastic bobbin and wrapped with wire. Only the end would be exposed to the "fins" on the rotor to cool it, so good luck doing that with "fins". And fins on the rotor will cause air drag and COST you amp draw in the motor.
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