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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
In order to produce electricity in what we call a generator you must turn the rotor that has magnets on it past the coils.

if you have enough coils on your generator, your motor will draw so many amps you will be able to roast marshmallows over the flames.

Last problem is the heat generated by the coil cores. Change core material, figure out a way to transfer or dissipate the heat. Water works.
Even a washing machine motor rated at 1100watts has a cooling
mechanism built right into the rotor. They are called "FINS" or we will
call them blades/paddles that move the hot air out every second of
operation also drawing in cool air.

Motors rated at 2500 watts such as your would certainly need something
to dissipate normal heat build up. Even the smallest fan would help or
in this case a heat sink on each core since these motors are not like a
conventional one where all core poles are connected together on a single
piece of iron.

I was thinking of making the core 2" longer so it will extend out the back
of the coil away from the rotating apparatus where an aluminum sink
could be installed. I am afraid that will alter the coils field and change
production, have not tried it.
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