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Hi Carroll,

Been quite hectic, and still are. So I'm going to have to ask you for a bit of patience, as I will not have time to work on this project for several days. But... I will come back after I've had the chance to test what you suggest, so bear with me :-)


PS what I can say, is that I don't just trust stuff I read ;-) I am curious to see how this behaves, as I'm no stranger to research. So I will not believe nor exclude anything upfront, and am trying to see with as neutral a view as I can what this circuit actually does. I must say that I've seen a lot of things in other areas/specializations that theoretically shouldn't be possible, but my take on it is that I then try to find out how the observations I have collected can exist (or if I am wrong). And so far, I've succeeded, at least for my own understanding. (can't put everything in an expensive double-blinded randomized trial, now can we :-) From that perspective, I am curious what your view is on why you'd use coils for charging at all. Why not without a coil? What is it that makes it beneficial to use a coil? Not trying to bundle a load of questions, because for me they are all the same: what is the value of that specific component in a charging circuit.

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