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Blindness can be compensated with an increased sensitivity in other areas.

Originally Posted by Pot head View Post
Buddy you canít even show your work!!
It is you who has to keep up with me!!
I know more about building power machines
than you know your mamaís cooking!!
No one cooks for me; never has. I'm a self-made cooker, or dream catcher if you prefer. {Mother prepared raw foods for me when I was a baby and it was Grandma who cooked for me after babyhood.}

I don't answer to you, nor to anyone else.

But I do have a conscience which I must obey.

I have no problem with lacking a build to exhibit since that's a whole lot safer than being crucified for having one.

These criticisms are nothing by comparison.

So, have it your way and criticize to your heart's content. My soul is satisfied at birth, so what need have I to build anything if I already know this stuff.

I'm in no position to prove anything to anyone including yourself, nor do I need to since I am proof sufficient to myself and that is worth more to me than gold or accolade.

But, and this is a big butt...
I am entitled to share my perspective regardless of its outcome or lack of tangibility.
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