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Right. Now I have even less idea what the heck is going on than before. The results are:

Without the cap and without charging batteries:
Neon on straight away, voltage base/emitter 1.3, then settled slowly down to 0.59v, with neon going off at around 1.2v

Without the cap and with charging batteries hooked up: neon does not light up, voltage base/emitter 2.6, then settled slowly to 0.59v

With new cap and without charging batteries: eehhhmmm. I got -1.3 volts, with neon coming on sometimes and sometimes not, and then the voltage across base/emitter flipped from negative to postive and settled on 0.2v... ???

With new cap and with charging batteries: I got 0.2 volts stable, but it seemed like the transistor was heating up, and before I could do anything else, the transistor starting smoking so I yanked the cables loose....

And that's where I'm at now... no clue...

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