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Until further verification by physical means the following is my final conclusion beginning with the fundamental idea behind the ARV and the Alexey Device as explained by Ken Wheeler and Henry Stevens. Stevens because he concisely explains the fundamental ideas about the Universe applying a pressure to surrounding space, and Wheeler because he explains what that pressure really is as a dielectric energy field which ultimately is the causation of not only magnetism, but of gravity as we understand it.

The physical evidence supporting how gravity really works was suppressed, ignored, and ridiculed, and thanks to the criminal accomplices in the colleges and universities, the mass media, and corporate military contractors, the true and somewhat simple idea behind what causes gravity was never made public.

The dielectric field is what creates gravity in the form of magnetic fields in matter. It is the inwards accretion of counterspace which is a dielectric energy field that spins counter space into a coherent dielectric line of force which we see as a magnetic line of force. The dielectric field is ultimately horizontal to the surface of a planet as the magnetic planes are perpendicular to the surface. This is why I and others have had confusion over whether these are repulsion machines or if they are false mass drives. That confusion has been created by imagining that there are repelling electrons being ejected towards the earth in the form of negative charged particles, when in reality it is the re-orienting of the gravitational dielectric induction field which is taking place. Otherwise Mantim Lee's analysis would have to be correct, and with that kind of power to weight ratio the Alexey would have been on Mar's in 30 minutes or less. Therefore some other explanation has to exist, and so it does.

There are two magnetic planes in the ARV which also have two dielectric planes that work to change the direction /orientation of the dielectric fields induced weight. Weight is a quality of directional inertial force created when the surrounding dielectric counter spatial field acts upon matter producing an inwards accretion plane, and the greater or more energetic this accretion plane is, then the greater a given mass will weigh; previously and mistakenly called gravity, the creation of weight is hinged upon this understanding and is modifiable through other means. A magnet proves this is correct and the inertial accretion plane is visible with a ferocell. It is also testable while gravity seems to be entirely theoretical and mathematically based conjecture.

The bottom plates in the ARV have a dielectric conductor in the form of quartz, which is also is a piezoelectric material, and so the idea here is that using this material allows for the electrification of the dielectric field and the lines of force which are produced. I assume this is needed because it adds propulsive power as force applied in the same way that an electric current may exert a force. Electrification enhances and simplifies control and manipulation via a secondary magnetic field which in the ARV is the smaller electromagnet that surrounds the upper crew compartment.

One magnetic plane along with it's own dielectric inertial force is acted upon by a second magnetic plane with it's own dielectric inertial force, which when applied correctly alters the direction of the mass inertial force. In other words, it changes the direction of gravity to put it simply, although really the less you revert to using that outdated idea the better off you will be.

I think you can see this in both the Alexey and the ARV designs. When you look at the Alexey it is nearly an inverted ARV with the dielectric inertial plane overhead instead of underneath as in the ARV. You should question the odds of this happening by accidental design.
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