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Hi Cifta,

Thank you for your questions! :-)

Omission on my part, sorry: the copper wire is indeed enamelled, so that should be alright. It's 0.5mm wire, while swg 26 is 0.508mm, but I guess that should be ok in terms of diameter.

I haven't actually tried to power it with the charging batteries disconnected, so that is a good thought, will try that. And then I'll be able to tell whether or not I have a problem there :-)

I do have a multimeter, although not much else beside that. So volts and amps I can measure, although it is just a regular cheap off the shelf multimeter at that.

Will post back after I try.

Also realized that I planned on putting some arrows and labels in the pictures to identify what is actually going where, would that still be helpful to check/doublecheck? (I usuallly go with check, doublecheck, recheck, and check again before I connect everything, but I'm only human just like everyone else ;-))

Kind regards,
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