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Hi Skywatcher & Pot head,

Sure thing. The components I used are as described on page 6-33 and 6-34 of the pjkbook:
- swg 25 wire
- 2700 pF ceramic capacitor
- 2K resistor (2x 1K in series to be exact)
- MJE13009 transistor
- 1N5408 diode
- neon bulb from
- drive battery: UltraCell 12V/9Ah VRLA/sealed lead
- charging batteries: Ultracell 12V/12Ah VRLA/sealed lead

I've tried to tone things down a bit in terms of the transistor heating up by increasing the resistor value to 360K(!). Now it does indeed stay slightly cooler, but I've seen no actual charging of the batteries, it just seems like the power from the drive battery is converted to heat in the transistor without much else happening.

I've attached snapshots of the circuit diagram and the suggested implementation from the pjkbook, as well as pics of the setup and a closer-up of the strip with components.

I picked this circuit because it was simple, and wanted to use this as a starting point for learning more. Seemed simple enough, right? ;-)

So any suggestions would be most welcome!

Kind regards,
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