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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi pot head, thanks for sharing.
Not sure what you mean by almighty creator, though do explain if you like.

That's one heck of a build there, nice.

Could you explain how you have or had that one powering your house if you wouold like to share and also, what caused your nephew to destroy it, that interests me also.

Is it like the John Bedini scenario, guy comes in, watches johns device run, gets possessed by something and uses a hammer to destroy it.

peace love light

Hello, since I created the way I built my device, I am the almighty creator of it.
The battery bank is 24vdc @ a little over 1000 amps.
It took 12 hours from complete discharge to full charge in 12 hours.
That was before I had half of it completed.
It was always on and charging so less time was involved on a daily basis.
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