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Originally Posted by Pot head View Post
Hello to all the human beings.
Of course I am not in charge of the forum.
I offer to all HUMAN members to step up and let yourself be known.
Moderators and the like please do catch the boogers and break their little bot legs.
Please come forward if you havenít in over a year and post anything on this thread as long as itís short and no bleeping links to anywhere thank you very much.

I am pretty sure you have already decided what I am,

but to claim that I am human...
humans seem to have some issues, so not so sure I want to admit to being one.
but I also know that if someone asks me what I am, I am suppose to tell them: Earth Human, 100% normal in every possible category.
and I do have 2 people that claim to be my parents, and they gave me papers "proving" I was born on earth...
but then again I guess the AI and bots that you seem worried about were also likely born on earth, so that data is likely pointless

by the way, I did reread your other thread on this forum, and I have nothing to offer. I do like what you are posting and hope you will continue to update us despite no one else replying.
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