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Hi all, been doing the mothers day thing today.

Though I did get some time put in working on a design for vertical rotor.

The only tricky part, is that I need to get parts to make a coupler for the 5/16" motor shaft, because I don't think an arbor on the motor shaft, with rotor secured at arbor, will be very stable, plus making room for coil/cores.

So I'm leaning towards flange bearings with a separate shaft, then a coupler to motor, two sidewall supports, which bearings mount to, adjustable with threaded rod.

The rotor will be three, 1/4" thick pieces, glued together, the center rotor piece will be solid, to keep things uniform and balanced and to allow each 1/4" thick magnet to attract to each other, through that center rotor section.
Using cad, 10" diameter rotor with 12 magnets seems to work well.

I'm not sure what the bickering is about, though In my eyes, this is not a competition. Cooperation is just that, cooperation.
I'm not going to preach here, nor am I judging anyone, though the honest truth is, to be offended is a choice.
This is something I have come to realize and have put effort into taming whatever it is that seems to cause us to be offended, it really is like those old cartoons with some kind of entity on one shoulder and one on the other, we can choose which one we feed or neither and just stay neutral.

peace love light
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