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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
of the magnets passing the coils. Have I completely eliminated this? NO. But WHO CARES. The amp draw of the motor is less than 12 amps at 24 volts on a motor rated for 30 amps. Yes, this is higher than with NO coils in place, but it is well within the operating range of the MY1020 I am using. ste of my time. Iím not giving anything away for free anymore. Done.

I finally got under your skin? I deserve whatever I get. Anyway you
are the chief cook and bottle washer who has led the way and is the
final authority. The point is someone with a 3D printer and the right
magnets could eliminate the cogging completely. I am not even close
to eliminating the cogging (OR DRAG YOUR WORD SWITCH) and as
you have just now confessed have not eliminated ALL of the drag either.

Mad Mack taught that by moving a magnet rotor past forks you could
take measurements in LBS to learn with. Shielding around magnets
helps to give the operator some adjusting room as shields can be slid
back and forth changing the fields in many ways. One way is to limit
the peripheral field.

Anyway Mad mack was right, it is the little things that change the game.

You gave yourself and will always continue to do that, it is part of
your teacher gift. Remember the students who always went out of their
way to get under your skin?

The drag can be further reduced, the bench shows this, my bench work
has value, I trust what i see on the bench..

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