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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Bro Mikey,
I get really, REALLY tired of comments like you just made from people who have NOT built a big machine yet still assume they know enough to open their mouth. They donít. YOU donít.

At speed, there is NO cogging that you will notice. There is only increased amp draw of the motor because of the magnets passing the coils. Have I completely eliminated this? NO. But WHO CARES. The amp draw of the motor is less than 12 amps at 24 volts on a motor rated for 30 amps. Yes, this is higher than with NO coils in place, but it is well within the operating range of the MY1020 I am using. The output of the coils is 130 volts at 1.5 amps per coil which is 2000 watts. Do YOU have a BETTER design YOU have built putting out more power? I didnít THINK so. Have you built ANYTHING with more than a couple coils? When I had my original machine up and running, around version five, I posted videos of spinning the rotor by hand with all 12 coils in place and of the input to the machine and the output from several coil pair. I took all that down. Itís not going back up. You have convinced me that this is all a horrible waste of my time. Iím not giving anything away for free anymore. Done.
Turion, Friend your work is very valuable, and if you are valued by many, and have experience and knowledge,
you continue with your experiments and demonstrations, your comments and presentations, I learn a lot from you.
of the comments other users, goes of all kinds, and you must be prepared to take things slowly, do not let discourage invade, why you lose, and what I have seen and read of many of your prototypes are a sample of your talent and knowledge, some people will not value it, and others will,
in this forum there is everyone, those who want to learn, those who build and share, those who doubt the projects (it is valid if they provide their arguments well founded), the debate and constructive criticism helps to be closer to the truth .

my respects and admiration for you
. I saw how he defends his ideas and proposals, in the other sections of the forum you have contributed many projects, my admiration,
go ahead, with the generator and continue sharing it, I am interested in building a small replica, it is very interesting
Do not be discouraged, adversity makes you great
see you soon
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