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I never said that the speed up under load effect or delayed lenz effect is useless. I said that I believe that the principle behind it is not due to coil capacitance, and the other thing is that one can easily get confused and think he's getting speed up under load, when in reality he was in proximity of the resonant spot of the high capacitance bifilar coil when the coil was unloaded, but still putting a load on the rotor because of the partial resonant tank effect between coil inductance and its capacitance which act against the magnets.
Then, when putting a load on the coil and destroying the resonant tank effect, he removes that brake and thinks he's getting delayed lenz effect.

Dave, I'm not saying that I don't believe your machines do what you say. The coil example you mentioned is interesting. Question, when you run the two different coils unloaded, is the motor input draw the same? If not it would be interesting to disconnect all the series connections from the wires, basically all strand open and unconnected and see if then the draw is the same.

See, maybe with many strands in series things are again different than only 2 strand in series. Yes Tesla said that the bifilar coil eliminates self induction, meaning that at the correct frequency (resonance), the capacitve reactance and the inductive reactance are equal, resulting in zero in impedance, just like in a normal tank circuit with a coil and capacitor.
With his method you don't need an external cap which at those times weren't cheap. I don't think he ever said that a coil like that would speed up a generator if mounted in one.
I said what I said because from my tests on the bench a single wire coil had the exact same performance as an identical coil, series bifilar but same overall length. They would speed up under load at the same speed. Thus my skepticism about the origin of the effect, not its effectiveness. I'm also not saying this to call you a liar, not at all. Just trying to compare notes and bench experiences.

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