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Originally Posted by Dingus View Post
Atoms consume aether at a constant rate that varies depending on the element. Gravity is the movement of atoms from a high-pressure zone of aether to a low-pressure zone. Magnetic fields as well as the positions of the moon, sun & other large bodies with gravitational fields strong enough to affect earth will produce measurable changes in the pressure & direction of the flow of aether/gravity. The speed of light changes depending on the density of the medium it travels through, just like sound.

If Michelson & Morely had tested the speed of light every hour in a day for a month rather than once every six months, they would have understood why geocentrism is wrong.
I have often wondered where to find out knowledge about the so-called hidden science, for instance, the ether and spin properties, etc. You sir, exhibit some depth in knowledge about the ether as if you have it based on some text book. Where do you get your information about such strange properties of the substance as if it is common knowledge?
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