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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi all, Hi ricards, thanks for the positive reply.

Hi bromikey, thank you also, you always have a positive, helpful reply to offer.
I am taking note of all of your suggestions, for potential use.

In the past, I did build larger rotors, with more powerful magnets, though I was using bolts as cores, I still observed interesting effects.
One thing I observed, when the bolt coil/core was facing the magnets with the coil closest to rotor, I could not get lenz neutral or speed up.
Though when I turned the coil/core around, which means the extended length of bolt core was facing the rotor magnets.
And the coil was a good distance away from the rotor magnets, then I could observe lenz neutral and even rotor speeding up.
This is why I want to try a longer core, to set the coil a distance away from the rotor magnets, while the core end is still very close to the rotor magnets.

I notice in your regenX coil thread, Barbosi brought this up and you posted tesla patents and other information related to the setting back of the coil.
I'm almost done painting the new, longer core pieces, so I'll post experiment results when I have them.
peace love light
SkyWatcher, what do you think, that you can reach, that is, what deceleration you will have in the engine as a goal, when the resonance is fulfilled.
what is your estimate
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