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Originally Posted by a.king21 View Post
Interesting post Bro. I'd like to know more about the Bedini version of the resonance induction kit. If you can point me to where the Bedini version is I'd like to contribute by buying it.
=> oh man you gave me a big deep laugh here. I guess that's another color tone of any of the two posts above !!

to those persons posting the 2 above posts about Rick Friedrich :
Jesus has interupted a stone-throwing of a sinful woman.
He just asked that the stoning resumes with the first person in the assembly judging he was him/herself without a sin.

The threads about r-charge scam are FALSE and it is an utter lie to let this misinformation beheld on this forum.
This forum is held by A&P, a honest independent, factual company in the field. To beheld such is to tarnish the image of this forum I can tell. It becomes a freefight area where the moderators write what they wish. Neron like, so to speak. Bad vibes here, not expected from Aaron...

You can say I don't like him because he did this, that, yes you can. I respect your opinion, your view, your experience...because I respect you in the first place and I imagine you have been given the freedom to think on your own.
Now Rick has sold many, many kits which I bought and they are ALL totally authentic and incredible in content !!
I will even add these facts. One day I ordered a kit and some parts were missing. I contacted several times the customer support adress and never got a response. I gave up - you know why ? Because what I had already because of him was of such value that it was worth way, way more than the price of my items missing.
R-charge customer support is perfectible, I would agree certainly so. Rick is not at its best in every domain; he has some improvements to make in that regard.
To say the business he runs now is a scam is misinformed, inexact, insulting, and a certain levelling down of the reputability of this forum.

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