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Okay Sky my mistake, I didn't realize they were neo's but you are
on the right track. You could always add a few more strands fairly easy
using the same method.

Run 9 more in the yard and lay those next to the others. My neo's have
a huge pull force at 1" long around 45-50 lbs they are 1/2" dia. like i said
even with all that force (which I needed) if I didn't get as close as possible
the effect was greatly reduced. So strong that at low speeds the rotor will
growl for all the torsion but as the rotor picked up rpm's much less
pounding. Lots of stress there. That's where my magic was.

It seems like the greater the pull the better the effect was for me. Maybe
you could go to 1\2" magnets or less and get a better response. I think
that big core need a little more flux. Course tape won't hold'em.

I'll bet bigger magnets would drop the number of strands for you.

Your magnet has 3X less pull force than mine but both of us have about
the same core size. Of course you know as you make a gap the force is
much reduced and in your case might be leaving you on the short end.

Still you are within 10ma from the null. That's better than everyone else
looking for the extra energy. Most won't even try.

Great exploration I'd say.For all practical purposes you are there.

I looked more closely at the details, you have a 3.75" dia rotor mine is 9" so
my magnets must travel much faster to get around the circle.

2*pie*r = circumference so 2*3.14 = 6.28 * 1.875 = 11.775" of travel with each
rotation. At 2000rpm's we can say 2000 X 11.775 = 23,550" per minute

We can also go to feet per second.

On the other hand a 9" dia where my magnets sit comes out 2*pie*r or
6.28 X 4.5 = 28.26" for each rotation and at 2000 rpm's comes to

2000 X 28.26 = 56,520" per minute but instead I am running 3000 rpm or

3000 X 28.26 = 84,780" per minute. Over 3X more distance is traveled

All of this plays a roll. Turion's dia is huge. My magnets are at 80mph

Your magnets are moving at 22 mph and is a safe speed for tape.


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