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Hi all, finished testing the series connection with this 51 strand coil, yes it was 51 after all, when first labeling, I marked 2 strands with the same number.

So, unfortunately, at the 1950 rpm and maybe a little bit higher, it is just slightly bogging when shorted, increases around 10 milliamps or so with amp meter connected.
Guess I should have made it 60 strands.
I wonder if increasing the magnet to core gap might help give a lower rpm delay.
Mike, I notice you have quite a bit of core material, between your magnets and where the coil sits on the core in the videos you posted, that alone is probably helping create a delay.

On my coil/core, there is only a 1/4" of core sticking out from where the coil sits, the 1/4" high density board and then the 1/8" core gap.
I'm not sure how many rpm's this rotor can go, before being unsafe, any ideas.
peace love light

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