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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi all, up to 40 coil strands and just about lenz neutral at 1725-1950 rpm, barely perceptible slow down by ear when series coil shorted.
I don't want to go much beyond 2000 rpm, as you see the rotor I have.
Will connect the rest in series and see how she goes.
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You must be careful yes. You could put up a barrier, temporary. The main
thing is keeping you in one piece.

Okay 2000 rmp's 40 strands X 40 ft long each, hummm..............

40 X 40 = 1600ft so for such a slow speed maybe your rotor is okay?

Your rotor is doing the job just fine for this test. Looks like your rotor
magnets are long so as the surfaces come close to the core material
on one end of the magnet it pulls away then come back again to the 1/8"
gap. Those are slight mechanical difficulties that will be easily remedied
with a little brainstorming next time you want to dream.

Not bad for a tape job setup, shows what we never knew for sure and
needed to get time to try. Made my day. Besides who wants a gold
plated rotor for a single test that is going in the pile anyway?

Dang i can't get over it, For such a slow speed you would normally need
about 2500ft of wire but with a million strands (feels like million) put in
series brings it way down. Good going chief, you just took the charge.
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