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I hear that there are some interesting effects that can be observed by creating a delayed Lenz effect.

Here are some other ways a possible delay might be created.

1. For a relatively low voltage system. Split the two legs of the output coil into two, then hook them up to a relay. Not a great option because some conducting of the generator coils would be needed to switch on the relay, before the main discharge.

2 For higher voltage setups, there may be something lying around on the bench that could be used as lower voltage plasma switch, like a fist full of small neons, surge protectors, or a fluro light. I noticed that a lot of Gerrard Morin replications used the fluros.

3 For lower voltage, lower power setups. The output could be rectified and fed into a discharge circuit, made from tirmpots, an op amp comparitor, feeding a transistor or fet driver. This is my personal favorite for an idea because it can be tuned to discharge at any voltage along the inducted sine wave. So if speed up were to occur then the delay could continue to be shortened as the motor speeds up.

4 Or even a reed switch. Very fiddly, and not tunable.

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