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Thank You Mr Turion

Here is me being audacious That's me. Squeaky wheel. I
feel like I need to be a public nuisance talking extremes to get

You will notice that the 11th strand (each one 170ft) was not the null
point but way way past allowing drive motor power reduction of nearly
500ma. Starting at 2400ma dropping to 1930ma without collecting
the coils energy. That energy amount was another 20watts so let look.
Using only half the coils strands. What if I had 6 coils?

88vac x 2400ma = 211 watts drive input dropped to

88vac X 1930ma = 170 watts then add another 20 watts or less.

At 17 strands I generated far less but speed up was great but because
my wire is only rated at 600vac and I was running 1100vac It has
weakened. Untrustworthy for any accurate measurements at this point.


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