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Mixed vids

I'm seeing a lot more vids that you can't send on yahoo. They refuse to embed and send.
I had a post for MGTOW with 2 vids. I tried for a few days to post it NO WAY. Even after I took out the vids, it never would post.
Couple of wind turbine concepts.
EPA admits that jobs don't matter.
EPA chief admits that climate regulations make no difference.

Red Ice TV has something to think about.
Aussie commercials.
A weapon that everybody should have.

Until the holo-deck is invented, virtual reality is the next best thing. There are predictions that; after all work is eliminated by AI, most people will spend their entire lives immersed in VR.

Unusual solar concentrator.
Trials bikes.
You should read the comments on this vid,,, if you're a guy.

The PTB are trying to further lock down the police state. You'll hear more from this group.
Boston Dynamics
Positron Dynamics.
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