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Hi mike, thanks for the kind words and positive encouragement.
I see what you're saying, many more can use this, If it can be lenz neutral or better at lower rpm's.
By the way, I guess I did count correctly when I was in the backyard, the coil is 50 strands.
I finished labeling all the strands today, that was tedious.

Also, for those that may not have seen bromikey's coil making guidance in the other thread.

He gave the great idea of putting posts in the ground at 40 feet, and walking the wire around the posts, back and forth, till you have the number of strands you want.

Next step, going to connect strands in series, incrementally.
Then, short circuit them for each series coil pair added, to observe for decrease in lenz effect.
peace love light

Edit: Also just realized, I need to cover all the stripped ends of the strands not in use,
to prevent any of them from touching and messing with the experiment, so, no testing until that is done.

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