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Originally Posted by SkyWatcher View Post
Hi all, thought I would make a new thread for this, don't want to clutter up anyones thread.

Experimenting with the multifilar coil, lenz delay effect.
This coil has 51 strands of 30awg. magnet wire.

Used bailing wire, cut to short pieces and spray painted each piece for the core.

The pieces are shoved into a 3/4" diameter length of PVC pipe and super glued in place.
The coil/core former is adjustable.

Also used a new piece of wood for the base, as the previous base was warped and was causing vibrations and noise, it runs much smoother and quiter now.
Using a brushless 400 size, RC airplane motor for the drive, with 2s lithium ion battery pack, hooked to a reciever and transmitter.
Rotor has 8 - 1" diameter by 1/8" thick neo magnets and the rotor diameter is 3-3/4" to outside of magnets.
Will be placing coil strands in series to try and achieve lenz neutral or speed up at reasonably lower rpm's.
Questions or comments welcome.
peace love light

hello Sky

You are really moving along, yes listen to Turion on man, that is what
he is here for. 48 is a great even number and one more thing, all of
these talks we are having right now are repeats of what you have
heard for years.

You are we acquainted with the details. You are very sharp and in my
opinion are one of the few who could actually move this tech forward
at a lower rotor speed. I would have beaten you but right now I am
out of time to do much on coils.

The lower rotor speed of 1200 rpms is still a mystery that I think will
be solved with the shorter strands though I have never heard of anyone
using such short strands and so many of them. Not even Turion. I
don't think so.

What maters is you are trying something new. The reason this test is so
important is that there are thousands out there already using a form
of an Adams or Bedini rotor running as much as 1000 rpm's using those
tape job rotors. They can all get their feet wet with their existing setup.

Here is another reason I like your test. Let's say that with this higher
resistance wire you reach the cancellation null point at the low rotor
speed using 24 strands. Not only would you another 24 strands to make
another output channel but maybe using all 48 strands might let you
run a 500 rpm rotor speed.

Wouldn't that be kool? I think that would be great. This could make for
a switchable multi-speed operation. A motor generator that works
collecting back power at many speeds. Like my room fan, it has 3 speeds.

I did the same thing painting up bailing wire.
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