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James demeo, phd to present at the 2019 energy science & technology conference


July 11-14, 2019, Hayden Eagles Lodge, Hayden, Idaho - 1 hour from the Spokane International Airport in Spokane, Washington.

At this year’s 2019 ESTC, James DeMeo, Ph.D. will be delivering the keynote presentation: COSMIC ETHER EXISTS: CORRECTING A MAJOR ERROR IN MODERN SCIENCE – This presentation covers the historical ether-drift experiments, how even Michelson-Morley got positive results, as did others (ie, Dayton Miller), and how those findings were defeated politically, but never scientifically, mostly by the followers of Einstein. I have a book in preparation on this subject. The Miller-type of motional entrained material ether is quite similar to Reich’s orgone energy.

Dr. DeMeo will also be giving a second presentation: THE ORGONE ENERGY ACCUMULATOR: EXPERIMENTAL CONFIRMATIONS AND NEW WATER-STRUCTURING EVIDENCE – This presentation covers Dr. DeMeo’s recently published research on orgone-charged water. He will also discuss Reich’s discovery of the orgone and the best orgone accumulator constructions — there is so much misinformation on that issue, falsehoods created by the advocates of the “orgonite” and “orgone generator” devices. New findings on water research will be presented.

More info here: 2019 ESTC Secret Guest Presenter Revealed - A & P Electronic Media

Every Energy Science & Technology Conference is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and this year is no exception! His presentations at the 2019 ESTC are game-changers and there are only 43 seats remaining. Register and get your tickets while you can:

Aaron Murakami

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