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The inventor of these devices, Andrei Slobodian (native of Ukraine). Definitely, the device has a self-propelled device, and can produce energy for external consumption. My research led me to a clear understanding that Andrei has an asymmetric system. And for the most part intersects with the work of Adams, Muller, Bedini, even Flynn, to become more understandable. My research led to that. that the history of the method stretches back from Germany 1943-45. If you take a sober look at what Robert Adams offered, and combine with the work of Bedini and Muller on the basis of the method, it turns out that the result is a self-propelled dc generator, the rotation is due to the magnetic forces of attraction. The control is the elimination of sticking of the rotor and stator poles, while the current in the generator line does not change its direction.

According to the link, the last movie of another researcher from Ukraine (died 2018).
The whole story began with the electromechanical converters of the transformers, which German engineers tried to modernize, and modernized them into an independent energy device without fuel. If the current chain is transferred to the stator, and the unipolar magnet to the rotor, we just get what Adams, Muller, Bedini and Slobodian have in their luggage.

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