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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Hi Alex

Level is a skeptic, rhymes with septic Anyway he is long gone, all
he did was pose as a possible replicator and at every turn demeaned or
criticized poor Gerard's work. Many others called me everything except a
white boyThats me, for believing him. of course Gerard swearing
like a trooper is hard to swallow.

Now that Buie has shown it to be a working and practical device everyone
will want one. Thx 4 the update, i noticed this before also about PDF's
often being incomplete or semi-accurate. No more do I think that.
ok BroMikey thanks for the clarification
the important thing is to share, to exchange different points of view, all respectfully, in this way it grows more,
I can not believe everything, or deny everything, the constructive debate helps us to understand things better,
I respect the work of Gerard, it is interesting, but also it is necessary to indicate where one does not agree respectfully, and to indicate the reason why
I am really very interested in the 36 poles engine project.
Here is a man in the network who has tried different controllers to achieve more speed,

very interesting,
thanks BroMikey
for your orientations and guides

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