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Let's look at some some key facts which have come out of all this starting with the late great Joe Parr and his research. One is that a pyramid shape ( which is made up of triangular tetrahedrons and a square) put in an alternating magnetic field creates an energy bubble. Secondly, we also know that pyramids either emit an energy or else pull in energies; but of course they are doing both. Thirdly, we can see that there is cross correlation between shape energy research pioneered by Joe Parr and the organization of crystalline shapes in matter. Fourthly, we can see that these shapes are cross correlated to specific creations of life on earth such as the hexagonal tubes found in bee hives. Fifthly, thanks to the work of Joe Parr we know that the pyramid shape, the tetrahedron and square put in the shape of a pyramid, and then placed in an alternating magnetic field has a specific and powerful outcome. Finally, in some alloys of metal there are perfect inverted combinations of these shapes.

Metals crystal structure [SubsTech]

Listen specifically to this Ancient Aliens out take at the section between 1:40 and 3:00 minutes. *Personally I don't believe in string theory and multiple dimensions but I do believe in hyperspace/Counter-Space and so my point is to beware of the Snow Job that is naturally embedded in the otherwise fascinating Ancient Aliens Series.

Kirlian-photography-pyramid: If a pyramid is, in fact, pulling in energy then what kind of energy would you think that might be if the net result could end up levitating the pyramid?
Pyramid Hyperspace Research
Joe Parr

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