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I looked closely at the Buie-Morin PDF and he states that he is using
400v at 700 watts geared down to a PMG output 10,000 watts.

Of course his controller pulses 4 nano seconds. All parts plastic were
replaced with mild steel. He is running 3000 plus RPM's (guessing)
then pulleys down? to PMG looks like 3:1 ratio (guessing)

The information of the pdf document where they detail this project, the first pdf was wrong, in the feedback of the position of the engine, in the voltage divider resistors, this detail, I wrote it in different forums, because it is not corrected I would burn the arduino, it was corrected by changing the values ​​of the resistors one of greater value, in the last pdf they showed the correction, in addition to the incorporation of a protective diode.
What they present in the document is in draft is to say what is experiencing Thomas Buie, there is a video where they show their actual operation, but it is good that you are working on it, like the video you present here BroMikey.
In the video Thomas Buie details the challenges and advances he has with the program and his intention to achieve what is shown in the document, he really sees a guy very dedicated to the work, he also says that he needs resources and asks for support and donations from money, if really for these projects it takes time, dedication and efforts, and resources.
we will follow the advances and contributions
see you soon
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