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If this is the case, if you want to revolutionize them, you have to change the plastic of the rotor and stator by metal, this is what Gerard Morin sells,
and if more speed has problems and can be very risky, with 1500 rpm at 2000 rpm you can already move some generators that many do in the network

What was understood from Gerard's video is that he proposes or proposed 3600 rpm to move a conventional generator, and that he was waiting for the manufacture or find a controller that would achieve this speed, but it seems that he already realized that neither electrically and mechanically it is possible, as in this case, as BroMikey mentions about the characteristics of engines and their speed.

if the controller with the motor consumes some 2 amps. at a voltage of 220 volts, 440 watts of consumption, because you can put a wind turbine of 1500 watts or any other that works at 600 or 1000 rpm, easy moves it and
you already have profit.
well somehow you have to take advantage of what you have of this engine.

I'll see which generator I attach
Thanks BroMikey for the recommendations

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