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Originally Posted by alexelectric View Post
the design is fine, in fact in the network there is a configuration of this type that has only the magnets on the one hand, this configuration has been configured and working to have double pole its N and S by the inductive part of the core will be more V / amp.
when I visualized in other images of the network and had only one pole, I thought that why not close for the other end with the opposite pole.
You can also try the top where the coil is not, the nucleus can be separated as Mr. Alex does.
all these prototypes should be tried with a small replica and according to the results try to make one of larger size and capacity, as well as wind turbines from 1000w to 2500w or more, the advantage if built with this coil anti lenz would move easier .
forward continue with your projects greetings
Hi Alex,
Thanks for the comments on the diagram. As far as whats out there on the network, I don't know, I only visit this site for alternate energy, I figure that most of the things out there will find their way here sooner or later.

The dual rotor test bed was a project I started working on and it was going to be used to test a few different inductors, One of which is a distant cousin of the Faraday's homo-polar generator, where the hope was it would output four times the voltage, and it would be AC. That project is on hold for now until I get access to better tools like drop saws and drill presses,

I have to ask, There is this guy called Alex, It looks like he is the inspiration for SkyWatchers latest thread, and also the above diagram, and also your name is Alex.
Are you that Alex?
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