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Originally Posted by lotec View Post
I had this rough diagram I wanted to put out there for consumption. Although I think it is in the spirit of the first experiment in SkyWatchers latest thread, I thought it might be better if I posted it here so as not to be too bigger distraction.

It is a partial side view of an axial flux generator with a two piece rotor, that is bolted together, as it passes the gen coils. The hope here is that the flux made by the generator coil, ignores the rotor, and chooses it's closed circuit path. It's untried and untested by myself.

The blue shows the flux path that does the inducting, when the generator is not conducting, and the red shows the hoped for flux path of the gen coil when it is conducting.

Edit....... ps I forgot the washers that space out the 2 pieces of the rotor.

Dear colleague! Anti Lentz is a great "duck" of General science, tucked among those who are looking for the formula of their device. This figure correctly shows the formula of magnetic switching, their total vector, action-counteraction, rotor rotation, which will be minimal. But the magnetic flux in the core and how EMF is formed are fundamentally wrong. Apply the "right hand" rule to the solenoid core, to the electromagnet and as the receiving coil of the external field of excitation? You won't see the difference. The greater the external flow, the greater the attraction between the magnet and the core, and more EMF.
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