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Gentlemen thanks for your hard work running numbers. I can't do
that most days unless I refresh then I forget it all.

You both are good at the figuring, it is a gift or a curse sometimes.

Let's put it like this. Does anyone know the input power in the video?

For the sake of the laymen, (Like me) what kind of power could he get
off that big flywheel? Does it seem like he can do more work with his
flywheel than he is putting in?

I don't remember if he shows the input. The man is no dummy and is
doing bench work that will pay off and feels like he has something
special. I wonder if he knows the difference with normal closed loops
systems VS what he thinks he has found?

We must work from the premise that he has some education and knows
how conventional systems work. To assume someone is a lunatic based
on a differing calculation without hands on is showing a closed door.

The "I'm always right" attitude is on display leaving no opening for
learning outside the box. Mathematicians and inventors are two
separate animals. Generally the inventors just go ahead and make it
work unable to frame the equations after the fact.

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