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Originally Posted by Rakarskiy View Post
The mistake of “bad math” is that he took potential energy as real. In general, the guy is a virtuoso, shows mathematical tricks. In one, he is right that torque is power, not energy. And for a flywheel or a rotor in the form of a flywheel an important component is the radius and the point of application of force. It is this device, American engineers, takes full advantage of what “bad mathematician” means. I calculated the flywheel torque by the parameters of centrifugal force, in one field of values ​​with the classical method, I got a non-linear torque curve, which is more true. You will not be denied that the flywheel has a moment of momentum? So under what conditions will it become positive?
Hi Rakarskiy,

Torque is not power. Torque is not energy. Power is not energy.

Torque has nothing to do with centrifugal force, only tangential force.

When it rotates, the flywheel or rotor has angular momentum or moment of momentum as you call it. If the angular velocity is constant, which is the case here, then momentum has nothing to do with output torque or power or efficiency.

Angular momentum (or moment of momentum) is a vector quantity so has direction. Positive? That's for you to decide.


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