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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
How can you say that guy in that video is right?

And what do the two videos you linked have to do with the bad math guy?

You can choose and pick equations tell it is all endless math with no bench
time (You). Your problem? You assume that this man is a stupid fool
because his flywheel numbers don't fit your ideas. I have watched Engineers
disagree on the smallest of conventionally established devices cite
separate math formulas. Each Engineer thinks he is right of course.

This is nothing new. (Boring) What you need to know is that first the man
in the video is not stupid. His way of explaining it may differ from the next
guy is all.

Whenever 2 or 3 people disagree on something that is working due to
speculative conjecture, all of them should agree with the bench results.

Figure out the math for it then.
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