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I chose the word: 'transient' for my title since it conveys the idea of a 'surge'.

But it has obvious overtones suggesting a shortened, mortal lifespan.

I prefer the word 'indeterminate' indicating limitless growth analogous to biology. A virus, for example, grows at an exponential rate by comparison to white blood cells consuming viral pathogens at a linear rate of decline.

So, a virus is the equivalent of an electrical process without regulatory limits since it also spreads itself beyond the confines of its hosting circuit.

But it has the intelligence for growth.

This is not something we endow our politically correct statements of electricity despite our theory allows for unlimited growth and is fully qualified by electronic simulation.

Some of these simulators can easily cost their users over two thousand dollars!

This never fails to amaze me how fraudulent this hypocrisy is since, as a full paying user, you'd thing I'd have the right for a full refund if this conundrum were true?

These simulators are serious tools for chip designers and such. How on Earth do we face ourselves in the midst of this double standard?

Children must roll their eyes at 'adult logic.'
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