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Good point, there are so many rotating magnet motors on the
web with no real pulling power, they just go round. Like that V-Gate
it can't take much loading in most cases and is one of the best ones out
there. Well the V-Gate splits the flux and dominates on youtube.

Tesla had the right idea when he changed the standard motor coils out
that dog down a motor for coils that use the right timing to assist the
rotor. There has got to be a way to implement split flux principles that
offer plenty of excess power.

Like the SEG there is much to learn about shielding with copper, poly
spacers, aluminum, not so much just to contain the magnetic energy
but redirect and store it. As soon as you push on a magnetic field it
moves over trying to find a place to jump so why not capture and
redirect if possible? Mad mack said shielding was key and we have
devoted almost no time to it.

There should be a benefit for any motor just using the "Y" elements idea.

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