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Med - What will Happen


If I find the answer, which I will.

You will not see me post it here. I will help the few that are going in the right direction and encourage them. There are too many people who jump in to defocus the threads. You just have to comprehend the content of this forum changing to political views. That is the validation of my diatribe here.

Infact, a forum is the wrong place to find the correct information, as the factions that strives to bury these technologies need only to employ one person that chimes in as different users to derail the minds that seek to create this technologies.

You have to question everything, and always check your sources, see what videos they have, and what schematics and explanations they are willing to share. I can light a 15 watt LED bulb, with 6 watts of input and where the input is unaffected by the output. I will show anybody how I do that. That's all I needed to show me that there is reality that Mr. Tesla was a genius, and Don Smith realized this and found out how to make it work.

The "it" in my theory, is an effect, a by product of fast disruption in the ambient. It is not propagated in a capacitor, it is propagated in a capacitor coupling between disturbance and harvest, which really is magnified by tuning to the radio frequencies that are produced by specific configurations of disturbances.

The EBTC is --well not that. You need to hold energy, and create a depletion of the one of the plates.

Imagine two tesla coils TX and RX tuned to each other. They are coils, but they are capacitively coupled. Essentially each coil is a plate. Both are vibrating at the same standing wave, in relation to the same medium (ground). The TX is holding it's energy but the disturbance between TX and ground is scalar, over radio frequency. The energy is not transferred because of a transmission(Tesla was right, rf doesn't work on Hertzian principles, no one would receive radio in a valley), the disruption between ground allows the duplication of the vibration of the second plate.

Your EBTC is goofing up the good stuff happening because when you touch the two, which is essentially breaking the dielectric region of the coupling. >Poof< no magic.

If I'm wrong I will say so, plain and simple. I will post that here.
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