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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
Sorry I don't believe in the EBTC direction, you just aren't going to convince me of it's significance. I've seen you post that stuff before, you should almost create your own thread for it, because Don Smith said nothing about manufacturing his own Capacitor design.

The only thing I have read that can be linked to Don Smith is his three pancake coil device.

I am just not sure of the way you are stitching it all together giving life to a dead end by associating it with Don Smith, because it has similar concepts.

A house, a boat, a table, all have wood in common but are fundamentally different.

it's not about what you believe or what i believe ! it's about how the things fit together ... i told you a very large current can be produced using an ETBC but you still tell it a dead end !!!!

frankly very strange!

anyway ..

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