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If we agree the source of electric power primarily is the magnetism ( induction ) , in the bar magnet we have what we know a Block wall :

Gaussmeter show you all the power is radiated back, the question now is it possible to have such Bloch wall in a coil with alternating current ?

the answer is Yes ! i did some experiment show it's possible , take the following drawing which explain an ETBC under action, it's possible to take the power from * position even it's already short circuited !

another better drawing show it clearly :

the explanation : it's possible to separate the electron based on their spin in an active coil which mean we have a kind of dynamic magnet ( not permanent because you have to flip the electron back and forth ) ..
this also mean it's possible to convert very high voltage to very high electric current , or better in a resonating system we can convert the current ( reactive ) as it's already in an active state.. we have to treat the electricity in a balanced way and this is what a gaussmeter show us ..
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