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FYI that the thread isn't dead. Bugsfly, Spacecase0, and others have been covering ideas about what we think might be happening in the Alexey and the ARV. So to fill in a little bit;

It does appear, though we cannot be 100% sure, that the Alexey is a repulsion type of machine. However, based on the calculations of Lee the machine isn't displaying the calculated thrust to weight ratio which Lee figured at over 8,000 lbs. A phenomenal figure which would shoot the Alexey in to space very quickly. There can be no doubt that Lee's calculations are accurate so answers must lie elsewhere.

Therefore the issue arises as to where is this thrust if it's not being displayed? Here then are some ideas we have been tossing around. Really answers will probably have to come from testing and inventing ways to test these ideas for validity.

We think that one possible explanation for this lack of thrust may have to do with the creation of counter space at the core of the Aluminum plate, and which is spread across/through the plate, and which then may produce a barrier to the Earths' Magnetic Field. Evidently most of the energy Lee's calculations put forward must then be engaged in the creation of a barrier to the Earth's Magnetic Field.

I think that a high voltage high frequency charge applied by the Tesla Coil to the Aluminum Plate is likely the starter for this vortex opening to counter space. Bugsfly doesn't think its necessary or may not even be doing anything useful, and that this could all be the result of mechanical interactions, and he might be right about that too.

Theory is that the magnets, whose bloch walls lie in the same plane as the aluminum plate but below the plate form a virtual enlarged magnetic field by their rotation and by acting on a created counter-space, and it is the core bloch walls of the spinning magnets which pull outwards upon counter space once it's created at the core of the aluminum plate, which is where it should come from, and where we hypothesize a worm hole to counter space can be opened, and that the rotation of the magnets bloch walls is what pulls outwards towards the periphery of the plate. This idea may be one which should be applied by Geek's in Sonoluminescence experiments. For example these kids;

Now we aren't sure that in fact a HF HV Charge must be used. It maybe possible do this all mechanically as theorized by Bugsfly. This goes back to his grinding action mill stone theory. Something to consider since phenomena in nature may validate this theory.

The inspiration for this idea comes by watching this video of the supposed TR3# captured over Paris France about 7 or 8 years ago. It's the leaving Paris France part that counts. Notice how this resembles a "Star in Jar" the way it manifests, and notice that the core light is expanded and then pulled in to a complete sphere engulfing the machine by the three outer lighted sphere's. This is very good video and you can clearly see there are two fins on the top of the vehicle. This is not an alien space ship. It's clearly entering counter space in my opinion.

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