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Ernst, I received your book yesterday.

I just picked it up and flicked straight to the fountain Patent.

I’ve studied this patent intensely for quite some time.

I already knew it was a 2nd stage machine for a Tesla turbine with a De Laval nozzle.

It is a propulsion device used as a rocket exhaust for the turbine.

It is the receiver and the turbine is the transmitter.

When I read this chapter of your book my brain kicked in and gave me some more knowledge.

I already knew the Fluid Propulsion Patent was a way of imparting energy to the Fluid and I already knew the Fountain was the same.

I already knew the pump was the mechanical analogy of the receiver.

What just struck me is the 2nd Tesla coil must not be symmetrical to the transmitter.

The receiver must have a coil wound in a cone.

A volute for the received scaler wave to add energy to what was received. Feedback like a microphone and speaker.

I also think the coil must be wound in the opposite vortex path just like the Tesla turbine and pump. Male and female, yin and yang vortex.

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