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The true nature of the swamp

The mass media is a sounding board that listens intently to itself,,,, mostly focused on the cities where the people are more important,,,, as opposed to the deplorables. Matt Taibbi came to the startling conclusion that ALL the pundits were wrong, except for Michael Moore. Taibbi reports that it was a huge wakeup call when he discovered just how much Americans HATED the media. Here is a good article that covers everything.
It is well worth reading.

So, why do Americans hate the media?
You figure it out.
Do the Jews control the world? - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Jan 25, 2018 - Israel is condemned at the UN more than all the other nations of the world
Jewish Control of the Media in the United States and therefore around the world

The Jews Who Own The Media Video Censored, but still available ...

Moving on;

Top 10 Jewish Crime Syndicates - Listverse

Israeli mafia - Wikipedia

The Israeli mafia is the general term for organized crime groups operating in Israel and also internationally. Allegedly there are 16 crime families operating in Israel,
crime families | The Times of Israel

OK, so the media attacked Trump ruthlessly and non-stop. Why was that?
Jeb Bush from the Bush crime family was the anointed republican candidate.
Hillary Clinton from the Clinton crime family was the anointed candidate for the democratic party..
Regardless of how you voted, you had to choose between criminals. Organized crime in Italy takes between 3 and 10% of the GDP. Crime pays very well.

American Jews Are Starting Wars, Jewish Former CIA Spy Valerie
Former CIA Officer Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media - YouTube

So, israel controls America and, we are the muscle when something doesn't go their way. Israel has a LOT of immigrants from Russia.
Gangster's paradise: how organised crime took over Russia | News ...

The swamp that Trump is fighting is worldwide. It is mostly a jewish swamp.,,, peppered with a lot of Russians. He is cutting into their business.
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