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Exclamation Transients are a Potentially Useful Source of Freely Available and Reusable Energy

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

The simulation of the Newman motor in LTSpice verified to my heart's content that it put out more energy than what its batteries were supplying.

But it is NOT an overunity device. Far from it.

The secret method by which his device gains more output than input is in its rotor. The so-called bar magnet puts out a high frequency wave as evidenced by my simulation. In order to be able to recharge its batteries, it has to be operating at least around 100k Hz. Yet, its spin is under 100! Its gainful output is due to a coil wrapping surrounding helium gas in a canister (made of iron?) exciting the helium to emit a HF wave in addition to the LF rotating magnetic field surrounding the rotor. My simulations validate the need for a HF wave and Byron Brubaker gave this method to Newman. Although Byron had been irritated that Newman cited God was his source for this instead of citing the real (human) source, Byron has since made his peace with Newman within himself.
In fact, it's very inefficient having an extremely high impedance (resistance).

But that resistance is one of its salient features making possible a huge amassing of voltage at its coil.

Furthermore, its rotating bar magnet puts out a very weak A/C voltage. Yet, its current is extremely high due to the lack of resistance in the space surrounding the spinning bar magnet.

So, the Newman device has a high resistance at its coil accumulating a voltage much higher than its batteries can deliver. It also has practically no resistance in and around the rotating magnetic field of sine waves permeating the bar magnet. This low resistant, second source for voltage accelerates into becoming a very large current. These two wave forms: the square waves chopped up by the motor's commutator plus the sine waves coming from the spinning bar magnet, they both blend in the coil creating a slightly complex wave form.

There's just enough excessive current to make it through the coil, from the bar magnet's rotating field, and onward to the batteries with a negative polarity to recharge them with a scant quantity of milli amps.

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, v13 - tightly coupled with neon bulb recharging the batteries.jpg

The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, v13 - tightly coupled with neon bulb recharging the batteries.asc

Thus, a Newman device is not an overunity device. But for the lifespan of its magnet and its batteries, it can supersede all other electric motors giving the appearance of a perpetual motion machine and for all intents and purposes be one.

I'd say that's a pretty good fake.

He didn't fool us, he fooled Mother Nature's governors. For in the words of Paul Babcock's presentation at the Energy, Science and Technology conference in Hayden, Idaho, in 2012: Nature has Her governors to prevent overunity lest the universe blow itself up. But these governors can be tricked into releasing Her energy in such a way that it will appear that more energy will leave the device than entered into it without this being true.


Seen from another perspective, transients can flourish in isolation without any outside influence getting in their way, such as: a strong voltage source, ie. battery, power grid, etc suppressing them. I encourage them; I regulate them. And it is possible to make them into a usable format, namely: a usable waveform - not all spiky resembling static noise, but a nice sine wave.

We need not invoke the aether as an outside source of free energy. It is intrinsic to any live circuit making live circuits a potential source for their own overunity. In other words, energy comes from the subatomic forces which make up energy and returns to these same forces whenever they seemingly vanish from our view - and all of this can happen inside of every circuit.

Transients are centripetal by their nature, meaning: they suck energy into themselves both from their own subatomic forces of time, the magnetomotive and electromotive forces, as well as from any outside voltage source to which they may be connected to. This will make them parasitic to this outside source draining it at a ridiculous rate of discharge making transients dangerous to the health and welfare of a utility grid's transmission line (for instance). But sometimes the connection to an outside source of voltage can hamper, ie. suppress, a transient and thus prevent them - or discourage them - from occurring.

For this reason I advocate keeping the amplitude of the voltage source powering a circuit to a bare minimum emphasizing -instead- its value of intelligence (in the form of its signal) while deemphasizing its value of an energetic source by throwing away most of its excessive voltage if there is any excess voltage which could get in the way of encouraging the formation and maintenance of a transient. This must be done in order for transients to become our source of freely available energy derived from the renewable, ie. reusable, subatomic forces comprising electricity.

We need a new atomic model if we are to understand - and not dismiss - free energy as a bunch of nonsense.

My kindle books in black and white or full color which I've published on Amazon in support of Eric's opinion that electricity can be synthesized.

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