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My apologies, this tiny keyboard is hard to see.
I am looking at using parts lying around that can be useful as battery chargers in the process, building workable models using as is and with minor alterations as I go along this project.
A Bedini circuit as you would find it on the TeslaGenX circuit board, attached to leg one of the three phase wind, it has two wires, so I used it as is with the rest unaltered.
A TeslaGenX coil modified into a low drag generator with a microwave oven capacitor of .84 microfarads across the coil acting as a tank circuit and makes the emf higher but the same amperes.
The other microwave capacitor is .91 microfarads and when 13.8 volts is applied it makes the voltage zoom off the scale, so I use the sulphated batteries for this phase of testing.
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