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An Electrokinetic Generator is what we today more commonly call an MHD Generator. So ya know I simply highlighted "Electrokintic Generator" and did a search. Here's the same patent shown in the Henry Steven's book; "Hitlers Flying Saucers."

T. Townsend Brown. 1957 Electrokinetic Generator.

A small sampling from the Townsend Patent;

Priorly, the thermal energy of burning fuel has been first converted into mechanical energy of motion which in turn was used to generate electrical energy, the wellknown boiler-steam-turbine electrical generator arrangement being a familiar example. However, in accordance with this invention the energy of a burning fuel is directly converted into electrical energy. In accordance with other aspects of this invention, the kinetic energy of a stream of dielectric fluid such as carbon dioxide may be converted directly into electrical energy. Further, the principles of this invention may be applied to apparatus for the generation of very high voltages by a series of conversion devices. Still further, the electrical energy so generated may be employed as a motive force to propel the generator relative to the surrounding medium.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a method and apparatus wherein a fluid stream is utilized to transport electrical charges from one electrode to another.

Encyclopedia Britannica has some good images and overview information on MHD's.
Observe Disk Generator D. in this image link.
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