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Originally Posted by soundiceuk View Post
Having considered the stage 1 turbine and stage 2 compressor was a mechanical analogy of Wardenclyffe how does the fountain transfer electrically to the tower?

I understand what it does mechanically.

I'm interested in buying your book for two reasons. I think somewhere there was a thread and I recall something about the tower being an artificial heat sink. I may be imagining this.

The turbine does that mechanically if built correctly.

Now there is a part about the fountain, I'm intrigued even more.

I'm really slow at reading books. I'm still swimming through many patents at the moment.


Your first question is beautifully put, as you will see after you have read my book.
The tower contains a cold-sink, attracting heat from the environment as explained in "the Problem of Increasing Human Energy"...
No need to rush things. As I said in the first post in this thread, you'll need time to absorb and internalize these concepts.
Enjoy you patents!
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